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I was conceived in the land of miracles and magic ( Orlando) yes they were having so much fun, I could not miss the party! ? then I was born in Jordan, the land of hope for many refugees and neighboring countries and at the age of 5 I moved to Dubai the land of infinite possibilities and potential!  At the age of 7 I received the French citizenship through my mom, who believed she could get anything she truly desired!

Growing up on the land of Dubai, I learned many things and one of the most important things I learned is that, nothing, has the full potential to become everything! People have different perceptions about Dubai and many focus their perception on what it is lacking, which reflects their perception about many areas of life! The reality that we experience is a product of our perception. Our perception shapes our judgement and how we feel about ourselves, others and things around us. We can focus on what is absent and we can focus on what’s present and nurture it even more! 

Collective consciousness conditions people to generalize and seek the uniqueness from a predetermined check list, transforming uniqueness into an act of comparison, competition , superiority or inferiority and unworthiness! While everyone is unique, just by being! Being you is the definition of uniqueness! You are incomparably unique! You can choose to perceive yourself as just another woman or just another man, just another human! And so can you perceive snow, as just snow! If you break out of the collective and be present for a second and wonder, what is snow?! It’s made out of snowflakes! Every snow flake is completely unique. Not a single snow flake has the same shape or size or crystallization or vibration or intelligence! If every snow flake thought, I’m just snow, I don’t add any value, and decided to disappear, there would be no snow! The uniqueness of every snow flake creates the oneness of the snow in its entirety! 

Every individual is uniquely incomparable! The total sum of this uniqueness create the greater whole of our planet and our universe at large! Each one has infinite potential to be and do everything and nothing! Many of us have been conditioned to believe, only when they experience something physically, but this is not believing! Because it’s right there! This is just Experiencing a result! 

To Believe is to know with certainty and conviction before something physically manifests! It is when your vision is so vivid and is fueled with passion ignited with the momentum of trust and faith! 

My purpose is shining the uniqueness of every individual in the oneness of being, and for that to happen I believe, with conviction trust u0026amp; faith in every individual’s full potential!

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My Passion

Yasmine is Master NLP Trainer, Hypnotist u0026amp;Thetahealer who helps individuals and corporates unlock true potential, dissolve barriers by resolving the root cause of any problem which results in expanded awareness, sense of purpose, empowerment and achieving excellence in any field.

Before starting MYND Training, Yasmine ventured in the corporate banking field for 10 years as a Relationship Manager at Financial institutions division, covering the MENA, Levant and Africa region. After a successful career in building a diverse and rich portfolio of FI clients for big international players, Yasmine decided to capitalize on her passion for interpersonal relationships in creating meaningful experiences and shifts in people’s lives.

Today, Yasmine has conducted over 2000 hours of coaching and succeeded in creating over a 100 personal breakthroughs for individuals creating a sense of purpose and fulfillment in areas of career, relationship and personal development.

MYND is now, registered and approved by DED, KHDA, The Society of NLP, u0026amp; THInK Thetahealing Institutde of knowledge.

“Today, my mission is to contribute to the evolution of global consciousness through empowering the individual to shine their uniqueness into the collective.”

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