Why attend workshops or group sessions?

There are so many routes to personal growth & development. One of the routes is through individual private sessions and another is through workshops and trainings. 

While private sessions are customized, focused on you and hold the space for your evolution in personal areas; group sessions and workshops give you the platform to activate areas in yourself that might not be activated in other contexts, share your insights, engage in exciting discussions and activities, get exposed to different perceptions, learn new tools and learn from other people’s experiences and strategies, and of course lots of fun!

Our workshops and trainings are created and inspired by the most effective and instantly gratifying tools in the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro Behavioral Science, Thetahealing and Yoga. Every training is designed to bring the best out of you, intrigue you, engage you and evolve you while being playful and having lots of fun and laughter! 

We believe, the state of growth & learning is activated when we are being playful!

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Design & manifest your divine relationship

Whether you are in a relationship or desiring to create one, this workshop is designed to expand your awareness to what is a true divine empowering relationship versus an egotistic transactional relationship. Guided through a targeted questionnaire, you will find out if you have any barriers to love, you will identify un-resourceful patterns & you will learn how to let go of toxic stories. You will learn about the 12 kinds of love, the power of intention, the art of manifesting the relationship that you truly desire! You will be guided into two powerful healing meditations. This is a truly empowering workshop that will shift your experience inside out! When You Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change! 

Relationship communication skills & expression

Most conflict is a result of lack of effective communication and misunderstandings. Lack of communication skills and expression could result in lost opportunities and broken relationships. In this workshop, you will learn about the difference between verbal & nonverbal communication. You will discover the impact of language, thoughts & emotions and how they influence you and your relationship. You will learn about the different ways a human mind is programmed and how to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel, which changes the way you do things, which results in more empowerment & confidence. You will learn how to be flexible & adaptable in your approach which results in greater charisma and agreement, creating win-win solutions! You can change what’s going on around you, once you change what’s going on within you!

Public speaking

Delivering a message from your intention to the minds of your audience is a skill and an art that can be learned in this amazing workshop! You will learn how to create an impactful content that induces five sensory stories in your audiences’ minds, creating states and an immersive experience that makes their experience remarkable & influential. You will learn how to speak to your audience’s subconscious minds, engage them and answer their questions. You will speak your voice and shine your uniqueness!

Success mindset

This workshop is designed to unlock your mind’s true potential and use your brain more effectively. You will learn how to achieve excellence in any area of your life. You learn how to de-clutter your mind, know what you want and focus towards your desired goals and outcomes without distractions or procrastination.  You will discover the different mind strategies and you will learn how to create your own motivational strategies and how to anchor positive states being fully in charge of your life! This workshop is beneficial for career guidance & creating your life purpose.

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

your awareness to emotional addictions, distractions and what needs are you fulfilling.  You will learn how to improve self-awareness, identify false self-image and limitations. You will identify repressed emotions and learn how to release them. You will distinguish thoughts from emotions. You learn about the different emotions, how they serve you and how to manage them in a healthy manner. You will discover what drives your behavior and motivates your choices. You will identify your purpose and set goals. Knowing yourself is the foundation to creating your journey and loving who you are!


Forgive and flow

To forgive and not to forget, is not to forgive at all. This is a very gentle yet powerful meditation, where you will realize that forgiveness is for self! Let go of resentment, anger, grudges, disappointments and much more! You will meet aspects of yourself that you might not have thought possible! You will leave this meditation feeling lighter & brighter!

Inner child healing

No matter what age you are, we all have an inner child within us! This meditation will connect you with your inner child, releasing any fears, traumas, wounds or hurts from the past; creating inner peace, self-respect, self-acceptance, self-acknowledgment, self-trust & self-love!

Divine feminine

This meditation is for all the beautiful women out there! Connecting & flowing with your feminine essence, with your power virtues and just being! Letting go of shame, self-judgment and self-consciousness. Accepting yourself, accepting your journey, accepting your body and activating your voice, your uniqueness, your freewill, and owning your life! Divine feminine is about having the courage of seeing your truth and rising in love with who you are!

The power of quantum manifesting

This is a magical meditation where you experience heightened emotions as you set the intention for your manifestation. Experience connecting with the laws of the universe and power virtues and use their support in creating, observing & projecting your intention into motion into a physical manifestation in your reality!  Tune into the energy of your future and intentionally observe the potential in the quantum field, where all possibilities exist as (electromagnetic) potential.

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